HOLIDAY 30% Discount for a limited time

5”x7”           $   2oo         $140

8”x10”         $   480         $300  
9”x12”         $   650         $450

 11“x14”       $   900        $630

12”x16”       $ 1200         $840

12“ x 24”     $ 1600        $1120

16”x20”       $ 1800       $1260

18”x24”       $ 2500       $1750

20”x30”       $ 4500      $3150

24“x36”       $ 5000      $3500

30”x30”       $ 5400      $3780

30“x40”       $ 6500     $4550

40”x40”       $ 8000     $5600

Other Sizes Available

Discounts also apply to GIFT CERTIFICATES

Commissions are a very personal suggestion of a loved one, which I take very seriously. I work with people along the process to insure satisfaction. I do offer Free estimates for different size paintings and compositional suggestions. Then a 20% down payment is required before I spend time consulting with a client. If you prefer, I can take photos at your place, consider photos you possess, or paint from life, when it is accessible. 

Because of the nature of painting animals, I will be painting from a photograph. I will have to approve the photograph. A variety of photos may be necessary to get the right composition, color, and "essence" of the person, or pet.
This will usually be done via Email.

There are varying sizes from a 5"x7" on up to a mural size if requested. 

I use a board with Gesso on it as my preference. But for larger painting requests (over 24"x36"), I usually use a smooth textured Linen canvas. 

I have spent many years refining my materials and my paint processes. I use high quality substrates (boards and canvases), paints, and brushes, that have stood the test of time. I use a picture varnish on the final piece to guarantee the fresh look of paint and vibrant colors that will last our lifetime. I am sure you will be satisfied with the outcome.

I usually have a fast turn-around. But as Christmas approaches please allow a little time such as 10 days.. I usually have 1-2 commissions working at any given week. It usually depends on our communication efforts and how fast we respond to each other. 

I invoice via paypal, which can be paid either by check, credit card, or the monthly payment plan offered through paypal. I will also take monthly payments billed via paypal invoicing. All of this, after a 20% down payment 

*Subject to Change (20% discount for repeat customers)

I have several sizes available from 5"x7" up.

Here are some common sizes for a basic portrait painting of a singles subject: Multiple subjects will have to be priced separately::